February 2016

PSS Activity for children with Special Needs

Volunteers of (SARC – UNICEF) PSS joint project held an activity for children with special needs in Al-Basel Sports Facility. The activity targeted 35 children with their mothers by exercises suitable for persons special needs. It aimed to promote the spirit of competition . It also involved mothers training their kids in the activity with an aim to guide them to the proper way of dealing with their special needs children.    

Vocational training in SARC-Homs Akrama point

Through the vocational training project, vocational training team of SARC-Homs Akrama point continues holding vocational courses for affected and displaced people. After they graduate, the team follows them up to assess their livelihood’s level and the nature of the work they got. During 2015, there were 368 beneficiaries who trained through 18 specialized courses. It is worth mentioning that the vocational training project in SARC-Homs Akrama point was started from the beginning of 2014. In addition, the work plan of this project, introduced in 2016, is intended to reach beneficiaries in the most affected areas.  

Awareness Sessions on Seasonal Influenza

In a response to the increasing cases of seasonal influenza in Aleppo, health promotion team started intervening in sheltering centers since they are crowded and highly exposed to spreading the infection among people residing there. The beginning was in two shelters in Al-Hamdaniya (Al-Hasan and Al-Bassel Mosques). The team held awareness sessions there on influenza’s means of transmission, symptoms, vulnerable groups to complications, when to see a doctor, treatment and prophylaxes. They also distributed bars of soap to affected families since self-hygiene is an important factor for eliminating the disease. SARC’s Health promotion program is conducted in cooperation with UNICEF.

Youth Committee’s first meeting

To enhance  youth’s abilities, SARC-Homs Youth Committee held its first meeting for the age group of 12 to 14 years old. The committee discussed the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the basics of collective work in SARC, and of work’s mechanism during the next periods. It is worth mentioning that on the 9th of January, SARC-Homs human resources finished receiving young  applications aged from 12 to 16 years old.

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