February 22, 2016

Operational Update-Quneitra Branch- October 2015

Highlights: Starting an executing new distribution plan to reach more affected people. 2500 patients got benefit from Mobile Health Clinic. 77292 beneficiaries from relief materials. 2000 beneficiaries from sterilization drinking water. Psycho social support team reaching 1632 children. Transferring 102 medical cases. Health: First Aid Services: First Aid teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Quneitra branch transferred 102 cases, 17 from them to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: MHC provided patients with free medicines after examined them in the most governorate areas. The clinic reached 2500 patients during October between them 791 children. Relief: Syrian Arab Red Crescent, relief teams… Read More »

SARC-Homs ladies committee distributed sweaters in temporary sheltering centers

During January and February, SARC-Homs Ladies Committee and in collaboration, who knitting wool clothing at “Lamat Khair” project, managed to produce and distribute 364 woolen clothes to some children in eight temporary sheltering centers and to 102 children of continent families. It is worth mentioning that “Lamat Khair” project helps women to earn an income for their families and makes displaced children, in sheltering centers, feel warmth and happy.  

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