January 2016

Guiding Workshop on Difficulties in Receptive and Expressive Language

In the framework of  urgent response to the psychological needs of children that have language and learning disorder  (receptive and expressive language) and have difficulties studying and integrating, psychological clinics team held a workshop on causes of language and learning disorder and guidance of the proper way of verbal communication between children and caregivers. The workshop also discussed the meaning of language and learning disorder as well as stages of language development. Children who suffer from language disorder participated in that workshop as they will be admitted to solitary sessions. It is mention worthy that those psychological clinics of (SARC – UNICEF) PSS joint project… Read More »

Water Project Held its Annual Meeting

Water Project of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent held its annual meeting on 17-21/1/2016. The meeting is organized to review the project’s works, set out a structural development plan, discuss all faced obstacles and difficulties and find out suitable solutions and to have all water teams all over SARC branches introduced to SARC’s departments, who one by one introduced a short briefing to their departments.  

SARC’s Livelihood Program Held the First Training course

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and in cooperation with the International Federation of the Red Cross &Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and British Red Cross organized the first Training course in livelihood improvement field. Titled as “Introduction to Livelihood”, the workshop got 32 volunteers together on 13-15/1/2016. The planned goals of the Training course were to have efficient volunteers with capabilities to plan, carry out and follow up livelihood projects in near future all over SARC branches. Those volunteers should have perfect comprehension over livelihood concepts, and with capacity to provide new studies in this field.  

Delivering Electricity Generators to Several places in Aleppo

SARC – Aleppo’s water and sanitation team delivered 5 generators set each with 5 KVA capacity, supported by UNICEF, to benefit from boreholes in the following  places: Catholic Syriac Church, Al-Aziziya Omar Bin Abdulaziz Mosque, Mahatet Baghdad and Al-Huda Mosque, Saif Al-Dawla and Darwish Mosque, Al-Meridyanand Al-Mustafa Mosque, Al-Hamdaniya.

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