June 2015

Harasta Sub-Branch Carry out Disaster Management principles Course

Based on its pursuit to build the capacities of the volunteers, the  Syrian Arab Red Crescent -Rural Damascus branch organized a Disaster Management course in Harasta Sub-Branch. 32 volunteers joined the three day course on 23-25-26 / 5 / 2015. The course included many basic subjects related to disaster management as ( sheltering – assessment – registration – distribution – health – safer access ), as well as a briefing on the principles of the international movement of red cross and red crescent. The volunteers were also briefed on the organization’s work mechanism and its basic principles which control its work.

Relief Aid to 1500 people in Harfa Village

Qatana- Sub Branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent  continues to respond to affected people  through its various activities and services. The sub branch   distributed 250 food parcels to the people of Harfa village on May 25th, 2015 It is noteworthy that all teams in the sub branch ( assessment- relief – psychological support) are in standby to provide help to needy people.  

Hygiene Awareness Campaign in Jaramana

It is well known that  Epidemics and contagious diseases increased in Summer Season, so Jaraman sub-branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent rushed to launch a hygiene awareness campaign in sheltering centers. This step came to prevent or at least to limit the spread of  contagious diseases among the Refugees crowds. The three day campaign, which supervised by a joint team of hygienic promotion team and the psycho-social support team, started on May 15th 2015. It involved several sessions of hygienic awareness that target  the  parents among refugees, who total 85 person. It also contained activities that addressed the  children like: Drawing, Singing, draw on fabrics, marionette/Puppet, and… Read More »

Joint efforts between SARC and ICRC to equip shelters in Alwafdeen camp

Water and sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra Branch and  in  cooperation with the International Committee of Red Cross had equipped Alwafdeen shelters (Boteha1, Boteha2, Mehanya) with hygiene  materials. The materials  included  (water tanks, heaters, pipes, lighting, showers ,washbasins, garbage containers). These shelters are hosting 93 families, almost 416 persons. Joint delegation from SARC’s Quneitra water and sanitation team and ICRC follow up the works through May 2015 and exerted their best efforts to end the work s up on time in order  to facilitate affected people life in shelters

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