June 15, 2015

“You Are Important” Activity

As to support the child and to enable him recognizing how  important and  unique in the community,  the psycho-social support team and in cooperation with UNICF  held an activity to 35 internally displaced children at Qa’ab Bin Malek Mosque. The activity involved discussing the concept of gratitude and being grateful to those in our lives who have sacrifices but we forget to thank. It also involved encouraging children to think about someone to write and decorate a greeting card to them. This all aimed to develop children’s feeling of gratefulness and help them express appreciation to people who deserve it.

SARC Provides Services in Al-Sa’adeh town

Bad living conditions, disease widespread and the lack of  services provided to displaced families triggered SARC teams to response to Al-Kiswah (Al Saada area) on June 1st 2015. SARC’s health team provided health care to 387 beneficiaries, the Psycho-social support teams provided entertainment activities and purposed play to 175 Child, in addition to distributing gifts at the end of the activity. Other volunteers made awareness sessions to the mothers on  disease prevention and reproductive health. The day was concluded with distributing 168 kit with( hygiene kit- kitchen kit – water gallon- plastic sheet – blankets – mattresses – lice shampoo), hoping to bringing a smile… Read More »

SARC- Homs hygiene promotion team’s intervention in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya”

SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team continues its activities in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya” in May. (176 woman and 348 children) benefited from those activities that aimed to instruct the inhabitants of the “Rooms” sheltering center and Hasya camp. The activities started at the beginning of Summer to avoid the spreading of plagues by simple protective procedures in the targeted communities. The team enhance the local society’s ability of acting during the current circumstances and preventing any infection from spreading. The intervention in SARC-Homs sheltering centers of Hasya continued for three  weeks. The team awareness activities, which targeted children and… Read More »

Disaster Management Teams Raise Awareness and Education Levels at Schools

At the beginning of Summer, many diseases spread out, but it is possible to stop that by applying some simple protection procedures. Our most important work, during the last few days, was following up the health situation especially in schools so that we sought to start the school holiday by providing health awareness that contributes, within the local society, to prevent any disease from spreading as much as it could. Due to the joint collaboration of SARC-Homs branch the Disaster Management Committee, the health awareness team, supported by UNFPA, and the hygiene promotion team, supported by UNICEF intervened in AlMuhdatha… Read More »

SARC & ICRC Joint Visit to Sehnaya Area

Water and Sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Rural Damascus Branch and along with Water and Sanitation team of the International Committee of the Red Cross paid an assessment visit to Sehnaya city  on June 7th 2015. The teams met the Municipal Council and discussed issues related to the  water sources and  sanitation problems. Therefore they suggested  water situation’s improvements through equipping wells in order to increase its production. The delegation was briefed on the shelters’  preparation and the water pumping projects that the ICRC already provided in the area. It is noteworthy that the water project is in collaboration between the International Committee… Read More »

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