June 8, 2015

Developing ladies’ handicraft skills

SARC-Homs psycho-social support team trains and qualifies housewives throughout a professional project which started at the beginning of May. This project aims to help them copping with the current circumstances and the local society by enhancing their skills such as “nursing, home first aid and hairdressing” The project  is applied in four areas “old city of Homs, Alsabouniya and AlDeba .” 160 ladies benefited from that project, and they attended social awareness sessions after professional training. It is worth mentioning that 4678 people benefited from SARC-Homs psycho-social support team’s services in May.

Another Collective Kitchen in Al-Tall City

Water and sanitation-SARC-Rural Damascus team equipped a kitchen inside AL-Shabab shelters in AL-Tall city with all the necessary supplies and equipment as refrigerators and cooking facilities, in addition to supporting the kitchen with the needed dry food components. This kitchen will serve more than 500 meals to the displaced people in the city, and the cooked food will be prepared by the women in the shelter. The meals are expected to be raised to about 800 meals per day. It is worth to mention that this kitchen is the second one in the area, after equipping another kitchen last year witch provides… Read More »

The Third Charitable of Handwork’s’ Gallery is Concluded

According to a competition among  sheltering centers, the third and final charitable gallery of handworks was held in Yassin Farjani sheltering center,  yesterday evening. The gallery contained  many sections that show ladies’ work such as sewing, recycling old clothes and antiques as well as crochet and knitting textiles. In addition, the gallery highlighted the professional training workshops that were held inside the sheltering center for the beneficiaries “ hair style and carpentry” and the project of “ securing alternative meat”. It is worth mentioning that the management of SARC Homs branch- the sheltering center, Yassin Farjani, works on rehabilitating and building capacities of the… Read More »

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