June 8, 2015

Humanitarian Aid Delivered to Aleppo Countryside via Front-lines

Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent crossed frontlines (Aleppo – Damascus International Highway) escorting a 25-truck-convoy of humanitarian aids to northern Aleppo countryside. The aid included food and nonfood items to be distributed to the affected people. Delivered aids were supported by the following  WFP, UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF and IOM.  

Disaster management principles courses in Quneitra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch finished two training courses in Disaster Management principles. The first one took place at SARC’s Quneitra main center between 19-24 May 2015, with 30 volunteers attending. The second one took place  in Al Boteha sub-branch between 26-30 May 2015, with 35 volunteers attending. The course contained lectures on the disaster preparedness, Relief, Assessment, Registering, Sheltering, Search and Rescue, Evacuation and Safer Access. SARC’s Quneitra branch organize these courses to qualify volunteers who would like to work in the humanitarian field.

SARC Rehabilitates a Sheltering Center

Sheltering team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent keeps rehabilitating sheltering centers. The  team responded to the application submitted by the displaced families at  Mazen Dabbagh center. They draw plans illustrating how rooms would become, then installed removable materials such as woody partitions, doors and isolators. Thirteen families including 53 individuals benefited from this work.  

health services reach western Harasta

The Disaster Management Unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus branch and in cooperation with the authorized bodies launched a vaccination campaign via its mobile clinics in west Harasta area on 19-28/05/2015. The campaign, which was accompanied with a Ministry of Health team, provided vacancies for 625 child. It also provided free medical services and treatments for 776 cases most of them were children.

Improving Living Conditions of Affected Families

In the process of ‪SARC – ‪‎Aleppo’s continuous efforts to improve living conditions of affected families, ‪sheltering team continues rehabilitating some damaged buildings in al-Midan area. The team distributed removable materials (wood and isolators) to help close air holes of doors, windows and walls. About 30 persons  benefited from that work. Sheltering team responds to families, who apply requests for fixing damages, as soon as needs assessment is done and according to the set up standards.    

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