May 2015

َBuilding Capacity Training for 26 Medic volunteers

In the framework of SARC’s First Aid Central Committee plan, 26 first aid volunteers from SARC-Hama branch joind an advanced training course. The course, which was supervised by qulaified trainers from SARC’s branches (Homs, Hama and Tartous) was aimed to support SARC-Hama branch with skillful paramedics  team.The six day course started on May 1st in Baniyas Camp .

SARC – Aleppo Supervise the Activities of the Relief Committees

Follow-up and supervision team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent evaluates  relief committees’ works on various activities and services.  Therefor, the team accompanied Aleppo Voluntary Team to assess internally displaced families residing in unfinished buildings in al-Riyadah.  The team also accompanied and supervised al-Masharqa and Bustan al-Zahra Relief Committee, which is specialized in distributing supportive food parcels supported by SOS to internally relocated families at sheltering centers in the area, and so did while distributing  food and nonfood aids to affected and relocated families in Al-Ashrafiya area by Sanabel al-Khair committee and Orthodox community services center.  … Read More »

Four “First Aid Principles” Courses for 150 Volunteers

The First Aid Committee in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues spreading first aid principles via constant  training that target volunteers. In this context, SARC – Aleppo branch concluded two “First Aid Principles” courses to 50 volunteers. The training courses explained the medic’s characteristics, general principles in first aid, right acting steps in cases of bleeding, wounds, fractures and burns first aids as well as artificial breathing (AB) and Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques. They also included topics like the origin of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent and performing first aid maneuvers. The mentioned two courses are included in… Read More »

SARC Escorts a Humanitarian Aid-Convoy

Field intervention team in SARC – Aleppo escorted a convoy of 21 trucks loaded with different humanitarian aids through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway. Delivered humanitarian aids included food items supported by WFP, blankets, sunshades and kitchen kits supported by UNHCR, hygiene kits supported by UNHCR,UNICEF and IOM, sterilization materials supported by UNICEF as well as a range of medicines supported by UNICEF and WHO. This convoy was unloaded  in SARC’s warehouse in Aurem al-Kubra to be distributed to needy people in western and southwestern Aleppo countryside.  

“Community based Health and First Aid in Practice” Course

In a series of trainings targeting Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Aleppo branch’s volunteers, the branch held a “Community based Health and First Aid in Practice” course. The course , which went on for two weeks, targeted 25 volunteers and dealt with basic topics on community health, first aid, local community handling and assessment based work. It also involved diseases prevention and hygiene promotion. This course is part of a complete training program, which involves several fields. A number of 400 SARC – Aleppo volunteers will benefit from the program.  

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