May 2015

SARC Keeps on Escorting Humanitarian Cases through Frontlines

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s field intervention team escorted 10 humanitarian cases through al-Masharqa – Bustan al-Qasr Humanitarian Crossing Points to provide safer access on their way back home to eastern Aleppo neighborhoods. Those cases had previously crossed to western part of Aleppo city to get the needed medical treatments.  

Rehabilitating a Building for IDPs in Aleppo

Sheltering team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent keeps on rehabilitating buildings for IDPs. In this context, sheltering team rehabilitated an unfinished building in New Shahba – Acacia Street. The team covered some opening to give privacy to the residents, and they fixed the stairs to give more safety. The building has certain specification  that shouldn’t be changed, so the sheltering team used removable stuff like woods and plastic isolators to accomplish the works. The number of the beneficiaries in this building is 32 individuals. It is worth mentioning that the SARC – Aleppo sheltering teams respond to internally displaced families’ appeals after getting… Read More »

Relief aid Items reached Addar Al-Kbiraa

The Disaster Management Committee OF SARC-Homs branch  along with a team of the ICRC delivered a 13 trucks -relief convoy to Aldar AlKbiraa on May 18th, 2015. The items were offered by ICRC, and consisted of (food parcels, canned food parcels, hygiene kits, mattresses, water purification pills, wheelchairs, candles, sleeping mats and school bags). More than 2200 families will be benefited from these aids for a month.

Joint Water & Sanitation Program Agreement is signed

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross signed an agreement, “Joint Water & Sanitation Program” 2015, on May 18.2015 in Damascus. Dr. Abdulrahman Attar, President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), noted that SARC hopes this agreement will be effectively and efficiently implemented according to the projects and plans. He also assured that he himself will supervise the project as well as the implementation to make sure that everything is done as planned. In the same context, Dr. Attar took a chance to thank all ICRC and SARC staff members who exerted best… Read More »

Responding to Palmyra’s displaced people in Ghazalah village

On  the eve of May 15th 2015, the Disaster Management Committee Teams of SARC- Homs branch rushed to Ghazalah village, that located on Homs- Palmyra road, in order to respond to 234  people who were forced out of their homes in  Palmyra to the mentioned village due to the recently strained situation. The displaced families took farms as  shelters and were terribly in dire need for basics of livelihood. In addition, the relief and sheltering teams distributed (hygiene kits, canned food parcels, mattresses, jerry can, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen kits and tarpaulins). On their turn, The health care team treated some displaced people, observed their health situation… Read More »

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