May 28, 2015

TOT Course for Psycho-social Support Team

Building Capacities is ranked on the top priorities at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Organization. Therefore, the organization launched a TOT course for psycho-social support team on May 11- 17/2015. The course brought 27 volunteers together and included various topics that aimed to enhance the competences and capabilities of the PSS trainers. Dr. Fayzeh Al-Abdullah, PSS Project Coordinator shed light to the importance of the course saying: ‘The course is aimed to habilitate the volunteers and enable them to manage training courses at their branches. The current training concentrates on the technical aspect that related to the means of training,… Read More »

Joyful day with children

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Damascus countryside Branch and in coordination with the Danish Red Cross  joined   the school’s children in each of Kfir Yaboos and Hosh Bjd area. The aimed to celebrate the day of success with the children, and provided entertainment on this joyful day. The team played music and the presented gifts to about 750 children.

Health and Relief Needs Assessment in Bluedan Area

Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Damascus and Rural Damascus conducted a comprehensive assessment of Bluedan area  in May 25th,2015. The assessment process covered the health situation and relief need of the affected people there. The assessment also included the water system, sanitation, sewage and waste.

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