April 28, 2015

Raising Awareness Campaign for Pregnants

Counseling Center for Psycho-social Support (SARC – UNICEF) continues holding awareness sessions for pregnant women. The sessions discussed tips and advice on how to take care of themselves and their unborn baby during pregnancy and after deliverance. In this context, the center concluded the fifth course for pregnant which targeted 25 women, so the total numbers of the benefited mothers have reached 125. At the end of those sessions, emergency deliverance kits were distributed with a collection of babies’ clothes, which are all supported by ICRC.  

Hygiene promotion team organized an Open Day event

588 children participated in the Open Day event that organized by the hygiene promotion team in SARC’s  Homs branch. The event was the final activity of “Together for a better school environment” campaign held in Kafr Aya. The mentioned campaign contained various communicative, competitive and cooperative activities (my tree, competition, washing hands, combine and discover, the treasure, clothesline, my tools and puppet theater). During its first stage, it emphasized on strengthening aspects of “washing hands, dealing with lice and scabies and the general and personal hygiene behaviors”  among children. It is worth mentioning that the hygiene promotion project is a… Read More »

SARC Homs Organizes IHL training Course

It is important to give information about the principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and to spread the Humanitarian International Law which Geneva Conventions represent its deep basic starting with the volunteers and ending with the whole local community.  In March, SARC Homs held three workshops on the principles of the Humanitarian International Law. 106 volunteers of SARC Homs branch  attended these workshops, that lasted for three sequence weeks.

Flash on SARC’s Medical point work at Aleppo University Camp

The child, M.A. was born with scoliosis. Three surgeries were operated on his spinal column at several hospitals. M.A. periodically visits SARC –Aleppo medical point in Aleppo University Camp where a qualified staff changes the wound dressing on his external fixation. M.A. suffers also from a war injury is his leg. Since the beginning of 2015, he has kept visiting SARC medical point in Aleppo University Camp where  a qualified staff changes his wound dressing periodically. SARC first aid teams helped him walk again within two months and a half.    

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