March 28, 2015

Escorting Humanitarian Cases through Frontlines

Field intervention team in SARC –Aleppo branch continues providing safe front-line crossing through Bustan AlQasr – AlMasharqa Humanitarian corridor. The team has recently escorted 51 humanitarian cases,  30 of which were crossed back after taking the needed medical care, while the other 21 were crossed to receive the proper medical management. The team also crossed back one corpse of a humanitarian case, which had been crossed to receive treatment but unfortunately  passed away before  that, and had reached it to his family.    

Self-Cleanness Awareness Activities to Children

Hygiene Promotion team in SARC –Aleppo keeps holding purposeful awareness activities on various problems and illnesses resulted of uncleanness. The team recently targeted internally relocated children at Aisha Mosque through an activity that enlightened them about cleanness, hand washing, dental health, taking out trash and means of diseases transmission. Volunteers also distributed detergents to each child.    

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