March 13, 2015

PSS Counseling Center Came in the Second Place in Syrian Special Olympics

Counseling Center for PSS was invited to participate in the Syrian Special Olympics – Aleppo Initiative Program, Family Supporting Program and AlNa’em Friends Club for people with special needs. SARC – Aleppo Participated in “The Best Handiwork” which honors the mothers of children with disabilities. The Counseling Center was represented by Mr. Yasser Sabouni and Lina Qataya, who participated with a (Carigami) handiwork. The team came the second after AlHikma Center team, who participated with handmade accessories. Several societies participated in this competition including AlNa’em friends club, AlRajaa institution, hand by hand, AlMahaba family, AlNur family, Child protection Club, Saint… Read More »

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